Save the Estuary

The Delaware Estuary supports life. It’s a place where thousands of species live, feed and reproduce—including over 6 million people!

Why Does a Healthy Delaware Estuary Matter?

  • Water. People, pets and plants all need clean, safe water to survive. Healthy estuaries help maintain fresh water by managing runoff and filtering out pollution and sediment (mud).
  • Food. A healthy Estuary means safe, sustainable seafood to eat, including shellfish and finfish.
  • Fun. If you like to go birding, boating, fishing or swimming, you need a thriving Estuary—not one that’s polluted.
  • Jobs. Half a million local jobs depend on a healthy Estuary—including jobs in tourism, commercial industry and fishing.

Until the Clean Water Act of 1972, the tidal Delaware River and the waterways that flow to it were polluted with untreated sewage and industrial waste. Education, clean water laws, and hard work by the Partnership for the Delaware Estuary and our partners have returned our Estuary to a much healthier state. But the Estuary still needs your help!